Steve Miller

For You

Steve Miller


After experiencing a spiritual new birth (born again) our hearts are filled with thanksgiving unto God. Just knowing how much we have been forgiven of, we can't help but have a greatful heart. Our strong desire to live for Him is matched with God's desire to bless us as we follow in His way. So I say, "Lets live for Him and praise Him and give Him thanks every day." (Psalms 100:4,5) Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise: give thanks to him and praise his name. V.5 For the Lord is good and His love endures forever His faithfulness continues through all generations.


Verse1 So many things I've done always looking for the fun til I found what I can't deny this loving feeling deep down inside so many ways to show that I care good intentions time in prayer though I sacrifice it all what does it gain without love Chorus Don't wanna let another day go by without saying I love you and why Lord I give my all to you I wanna do the things I do for you Verse2 Now I know the things that I have leave me wanting for so much more will I ever have enough without you Lord where is the love now I know it's all up to me and you know it's all up to you will you waste your life away doing the things that you do for you Chorus