Steve Miller

Take Me Back

Steve Miller


You know life is all about relationships. Have you ever longed to restore a past relationship and felt the frustration of not being able to bridge the distance no matter how hard you tried? Well our heavenly father feels the same way about us who at one time were close to Him, but since then we have grown apart and no longer feel worthy to be called a child of God. In Luke 15:20 the story of the prodical son conveys that while the son was still a long way off the father saw him and was filled with compassion for him and ran to his son, threw his arms around him and loved him. No matter how distant we become to our heavenly father, He is still willing to take us back.


Verse1 I didn't know what I was doing When I left you for the road Seems like I was bound for a life of destruction I didn't want to take you there Now I sit and think about what might have been Will I ever love again Will I ever love again Chorus So take me back take me back to where I belong in your arms Cause I know I was wrong so wrong Verse2 I know I've made a lot of promises I really thought I would keep exchanging vows is one I remember well ever since I haven't had much sleep now I sit and think about what might have been will I ever love again will I ever love again Chorus X2