From the recording I'll Be There For You

Back to relationships! Other than God, a marriage relationship is the most important. Love songs are great and the Lord fully approves of them, as seen in the Songs of Solomon. Songs of Solomon 8:7 reads, "Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away." I wrote this song for the love of my life, my wife, Amy.


You and me have only just begun
though our love is still very young
we were meant to be together you and me
sharing our lives we'll be as one
I have heard the beauty of your call
when I look into your eyes I fall
in love with you
you know it's true
a love like ours will make it through it all
I'll be there for you
I care for you
and everything you're going through
I'll be there for you
no matter what you do
I'll be the one you can talk to
I'll be there for you
Verse 3
You and me together we'll have fun
if our trust we keep in the One
who has given you and me
all eternity
to know and love what He has done