From the recording There's Still Time

In this song I blame pride and doing things our own way for missing out on a close relationship with Christ. While we still have breath in our bodies, there's still time to give our lives to the Son of the father, Jesus Christ. The Bible says in 2 Cor 6:2, "I tell you, now is the time of god's favor, now is the day of salvation".


There's Still Time

Verse 1
I know what you're saying
but it's not my fault
it's been coming
for such a long time
there can be no denying
the cause of it all
you know it's pride
that comes before the fall
Verse 2
Have we forgotten
how it used to be
we've been together
for such a long time
the things we keep tryin'
in our own strength
you know somehow
we must leave them behind
While there's still time
to recover
let's fix our eyes
on Hm who's higher
and give our lives
to the Son of the Father
Jesus Christ
Verse 3
Now we've been praying
for our ways to pass
strength to hold on
for just a little while
the day of his appearing
will come at last
you know He'll say
well done my child