1. Wake Up Call

From the recording Wake Up Call

Every believer gets a wake up call to become a kingdom builder. God's word says in 2 Corinthians 5:18 that we have the ministry of reconciliation, that is the ministry to bring others to a relationship with Christ


Wake Up Call

Bend an ear oh won't you listen
to what the Spirit has to say
to prepare the way for heaven
we must learn to trust and obey
the latter rains they are a falling
raining down on you and me
Jesus Christ will soon be coming
and every eye will surely see
Can you hear
the cry from heaven
looking for someone to believe
and will you hear
what your heart's saying
praying for someone to care
Bend an ear oh won't you listen
there is peace in only one
for in Him we find the reason
and the strength to carry on
deep inside we often wonder
what it is that we should do
behold the one who's everlasting
he has made a way for you